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Tue Jul 27 18:50:38 1999


Wed Jul 21 11:15:11 1999

your friend of said... john-john where are you?

Sat Jul 17 22:10:41 1999

miles of Winfield,,Alabama said... It appears to me that your town will be a great place to travel to. Being from Iowa originally, I love to travel north, to compare the scenery and the hometown traditions. Although I am afraid that we will not be traveling this year, I look forward to visiting in 2000.

Mon Jul 12 20:52:34 1999

lisa of wayne nj said... I have been to the island several times and each time I visit it makes it harder to come back to NJ. There isn't much to dislike. I will note to anyone who visits the vineyard to stay out of the Homeport restaurant in Menemsha. This is the only town on the island where you will not be greeted as a tourist.

Thu Jul 1 10:49:26 1999

Kelly Holmstrom of Blue Bell, PA said... Looking for the perfect vacation this year - looks like we will be stopping here for sure!

Mon Jun 28 19:54:38 1999

The Cluck Chicken of well, darling said... Now, don't forget for one single minute those are MY CAT scan and like programs you and your OASIS friends have been living off for the last 20 years!! Tanglewood and IBM House staff you're not!! But at least civility, we shall see......

Sun Jun 20 12:01:10 1999

V.H.Coley of Edgewood, MD said... My family is planning a vacation -- so we are looking for different areas. This area seems ideal for adults and small children. Hope to see you all in 2000.

Wed Jun 16 16:32:22 1999

Lloyd Picker of Panorama City, CA said... We are hoping to visit you in the next 3 weeks. Need to know if there is a wait for the ferry and when we have to make reservations. My wife is dying to see your little community.

Sat Jun 12 15:50:51 1999

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Fri Jun 11 16:02:05 1999

ErickStrong of Ellenwood,Ga said... Iwill be visiting yhe vineyard for the first time on july 24-aug1 1999,and we plan to have a great time.

Fri Jun 11 09:56:30 1999

nancy kelley of Averill Park, N.Y. said...

Mon May 31 11:53:14 1999

ted kratovil of norwalk,ct said...

Thu May 27 16:38:10 1999

michelle jodoin of charlton ma said...

Thu May 27 13:35:13 1999

Alva Caine of birmingham said... We are planning a trip this summer to martha's vineyard. Please keep me informed about anything going on.

Wed May 26 20:12:17 1999

Sandy Youngman of San Jose, CA said... Enjoyed it but for the traveler who loves beaches is there any possiblity that there will ever be pictures of each beach? thanks

Sun May 23 11:15:05 1999

alice hapworth of st petersm mo said... Love it!!!!!!!

Sun May 23 11:00:53 1999

alice hapworth of said... Love it!!!!!!!

Wed Apr 21 17:07:38 1999

Horning's of las vegas nv said... my wife and i last visited the island several years ago post labor day and had another wonderful time. job brought us west first to san jose and then here in the desert - the latter brings more to mine our great experiences on MV near the sea and increases our longing to return. which hopefully we will do in the not too distant future.

Tue Apr 20 15:30:30 1999

Linda Ladenburger of Lexignton, KY 40517 said... I love the site. I was on the Vineyard several years ago for a wedding and just love the island. What a joy to be able to revisit through the computer.

Mon Apr 19 16:16:33 1999

Jeanne Reardon of Uxbridge, MA said... I have visited the Vineyard twice in the past and enjoyed it immensely. I am looking forward to spending a weekend there real soon.

Mon Apr 19 13:43:20 1999

Su Fiorentino of Warwick, RI said... Paradise must be the Vineyard --. I look so forward each year to vacationing on the Island -- will be visiting this coming weekend and I'm counting the days!

Mon Apr 19 12:42:54 1999

Claire Murphy of New Jersey said... I have visited the Island several times and I can't wait to return. It is by far the best place on earth, anytime of year! Please out me on your mailing list. Thanks!

Sun Apr 18 10:30:13 1999

Michaela Landry of Battersea, Ontario, Canada said... Can't wait to get there!!

Fri Apr 16 10:06:23 1999

The Reid's of Woodbury, N.Y. said... Love the island, been going for over 10 years camping at Martha's Vineyard family camp ground. The owers are great. Can't wait till July 22,1999 to start our 12 days of vacation. See you all in july. Could you please E-mail us with up coming events for july and august.

Fri Apr 16 09:58:44 1999

The Reid's of said...

Fri Apr 16 09:09:43 1999

Jennifer of Doylestown, PA said... July 4th was great. What better way to see Martha's Vineyard than to bike it! Can't wait to come back!

Tue Apr 13 12:49:12 1999

Terry King of Marietta,Georgia said... Heather and I are excited about meeting on the Island!

Tue Apr 13 11:43:14 1999

Heather of UK said... Terry and I are certainly going to meet there! Thanks Danielle.

Mon Apr 12 12:44:01 1999

E. Jackson of Southfield, MI said...

Sat Apr 10 00:18:36 1999

Jennifer Kniceley of Oak Hill, WV said... Hello-- My fiance and I are thinking about coming to your area for our honeymoon--it's great that we can find all of this information so easily! Thanks!

Wed Apr 7 13:48:21 1999

Romero Raposo of Jaboatão - PE- Brasil said... I have no words to describe!!!

Tue Mar 23 14:56:54 1999

Connie and Tom Tilley of Bloomfield, NY 14469 said... We usually arrive Memorial week-end to open for a friend in Chilmark. (Been either opening or closing for 25 years or more.) We love that time of the year (also, Fall) because it's not too crowded and still so much to do. Love the Chilmark Library, the beaches and ponds (all -- each have something different to offer), Beth and her sister, at Larsen's and their great fresh fish, Menemsha sunsets, chowder, etc. etc. I couldn't forget Illumination Night, which I have only seen husband still hasn't; someday. Thanks for sharing your island with us.

Sun Mar 7 13:12:08 1999

Margaret Holloway of Northfield

Sun Feb 28 12:31:00 1999

mary clarkem of indiana

Fri Feb 26 13:34:40 1999

Jonathan Cummings of chicago said... i love the vineyard...about 4 years ago i spent my summer working at tony's deli with my friend jasper...we had a great time...i unfortunately haven't made it back yet, but i miss the island greatly...i wish i could reconnect with some of the people i met out there

Mon Dec 7 16:01:10 1998

Elaine Jones of Somerset, NJ

Sat Nov 21 13:26:20 1998

gracie morales of stanton,ca said... This is one of the top places i will go visit when i win the lottery

Mon Nov 9 08:46:20 1998

Melissa of Limerick, PA said... We're searching for a gift for our parents. We would like to give them a gift certificate to stay somewhere on your island.

Tue Nov 3 09:19:34 1998

Sandy Tucker of Jackson, Ms. said... I think that I would love to visit very soon!

Wed Oct 28 08:24:55 1998

Todd Gilday of Philadelphia said... Nice web page

Fri Oct 23 07:26:28 1998

liz of Cape Cod said... Looking for calendar events -- please email us if you are planning any events on the Vineyard! Thanks!

Mon Jun 22 19:57:31 1998

Christine of Pittsburgh, PA said... I love MV! My brother and some friends moped-ed the island and had a blast...'til the moped died. Anyway, can't wait to visit again.